What We Learned in August

August always seems to be one of the busiest times of the year… back to school shopping, final vacations before the weather starts to cool, and supporting our clients as they prepare for fall and winter activities. This flurry of activity doesn’t mean our staff has stopped learning and exploring, gaining knowledge and becoming better all-around fun people.


Heather Syverson, Writer, Collaborator, and Dog Lover:

“I learned to be flexible. I planned a client event and sent out the invitations. Suddenly, a major scheduling conflict popped up for many of the attendees so we had to reschedule. We updated the invitations and sent them out again. It all worked out in the end and the people who needed to be there were able to be present. Staying flexible made the event a success.”


Mike Witt, Website Guru, Creator, and Fire Cooked Corn on the Cob with LOTS of Butter Aficionado:

“Remember to check in with Google Search Console after you add an SSL certificate for your website(s).

The most common error after installing an SSL certificate, is the paths to files in the html code remaining http instead of https. This will make your website not pass full security guaranteed by an SSL. So even though you have a valid SSL visitors will see this  until you make the fixes.”


Tammy Jo Taft, Multimedia Leader, Thought Creator and Newly Minted Montana Fan:

“Speak and present solutions based in truth, even when it’s hard for a client to hear. No progress can be made without this basis and the end result is a long-lasting successful relationship rather than immediate gratification that may be ineffective.”


Andrea Boe, AE2S Communications Team Leader, Calculated Risk-taker, and Coffee Devotee:

“Our team knew from experience that a program that demands collaboration from many stakeholders and widespread behavioral change starts with research-based brand development and messaging.”