“Read a Book Day” Recommendations

September 6 is National “Read A Book Day,” but is also the beginning of fall. The beginning of school, sweater weather, and longer nights. This is an excellent time of year to find new books to read while you curl up with a blanket and a nice warm beverage.

As a historical fiction fan, I have to challenge myself to break into other genres, and once in a while, I find a book worth encouraging others to tackle. The following are a few books outside my normal Kindle favorites.


Where will you be Five Years from Today?

Five years. What can you change and a bigger question, what do you WANT to change?  How can you make choices in this amount of time that will support your decisions for the rest of your life?

“Where will you be five years from today?” by Compendium is an inspirational workbook which drives the reader to examine what life values you cherish, write out your dreams (not just think them), and encourages you to explore how to find the right answers to the questions on what drives you to the future.

Five years can go by quickly, but can also be an opportunity to create your own ‘playbook’ for the future.  Don’t try to tackle this short workbook in one night, but enjoy the journey for planning your next adventure in life.


Crisis Communications – The Definitive Guide to Managing the Message

It is NOT a ‘sit by the beach with a drink in your hand’ book.  While it hasn’t been on vacation with me, this book doesn’t get too far out of reach. Steven Fink’s strategic guidebook to managing and handling communications crisis is a frequent reference for crisis situations but also managing daily operations which could be perceived or turn into a crisis.  I highly recommend this book be on communicator’s shelves and used as a regular reference.


PRSA Strategies and Tactics Monthly Newsletter

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)  is a useful professional organization with an excellent online source for research and tools.  I spend a good deal of time looking at a screen, but I still love to have a hard copy newspaper in my hand. This monthly newsletter gathers relevant issues in bite-size pieces where I can read while waiting for an appointment or browse at lunch. Whenever the issue lands in my mailbox, I quickly go through, pull out articles I want to read, and stuff them in my briefcase for downtime.