3 Ways to Celebrate National Infrastructure and Public Works Weeks

May is the month that utilities and infrastructure receive some much-deserved recognition for the services they provide. This year, Infrastructure Week is scheduled for May 13-20 and Public Works Week is May 19-25. Both are great opportunities to spotlight the important work cities and utilities do year-round.


Here are three ways to celebrate National Infrastructure & Public Works Weeks:


1. Consider the themes.

Think of ways to incorporate this year’s National Infrastructure Week theme of “Build for Tomorrow” or the National Public Works Week theme of “It Starts Here” into your celebrations.


  • Challenge school-age children to build toothpick bridges or a water tower. It’s a great opportunity to get kids interested in STEM careers that will lead to tomorrow’s infrastructure projects.
  • Feature your staff hard at work. Who picks up the trash, treats the water and wastewater, fills the potholes, and maintains the city’s parks? It Starts Here! Post photos of your staff doing their jobs.
  • Use the hashtags #BuildForTomorrow #NationalInfrastructureWeek for Infrastructure Week and #ItStartsHere #NPWW for Public Works Week.

2. Educate your residents.

Seize the opportunity to brag about your community’s infrastructure and public works. One way to do this is by sharing fun facts.


  • The number of vehicles that travel over a particular bridge or busy road each day.
  • Gallons the water and wastewater the local treatment plants treat each day.
  • Tons of trash solid waste crews pick up each month.
  • Miles of underground pipeline.

3. Host an event. 

Invite the community to any events being held in honor of Infrastructure or Public Works Weeks. Some cities host an open house each May with refreshments, tours of facilities, and put their large equipment on display for people to see up close.

Check out the downloadable materials from the American Public Works Association and InfrastructureWeek.org to help celebrate Infrastructure and Public Works Weeks. If you would like help creating personalized graphics for your city or utility, AE2S Communications is here to help.