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The Inverted Pyramid

Know it. Love it. Use it for People and Fish. The time for understanding and using the inverted pyramid is now. The average human attention span is eight seconds, according to a Microsoft survey done last year. Goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds. That’s right. People now have […]


The Ugly Telephone Game and How to Avoid It

A friend of mine tells a story of a time when he and two of his buddies got into a baseball card trade in high school that turned into a super-confusing version of the Telephone Game. The two boys wanted to trade a 1982 Topps Cal Ripken Junior Number 21 […]


Anatomy of Font – The PG-13 Version

Crotch. Spur. Lobe. Bowl. Aside from tittle (also known as the dot above some lowercase letters) the anatomy of typography isn’t particularly sexy or memorable. Most graphic designers, myself included, can’t recall what each anatomic term refers to. After all what are we, doctors? So how do we go about […]

7 Ways to Communicate the Safety of Your Water Supply

Thanks to the Flint, Michigan water crisis, water utility managers across the country have been fielding questions from concerned customers and local media outlets about the safety of drinking water. Don’t fret! Your community water system should already be equipped with the information customers are seeking, thanks to the Safe […]