What We Learned in November

And just like that, November is gone!  But that doesn’t mean the AE2S Communications staff wasn’t on the job, learning and rolling out our new website. Here are a few of our November takeaways and tidbits we will be applying to support our clients.


Rocky Schneider and Maria Effertz Hanson

“Make sure you know what the client prefers to be referred to when writing for or to them. Lawyer or Attorney? Council or Commission? The two minutes you take will bolster your credibility and reputation as a detail-oriented person.”


Tammy Jo Taft

“Trying to communicate funding sources, funding over time, and how that funding ends up paying for the cost of large projects is really tricky and requires a lot of conversations and some accounting background.”


Heather Syverson

“I had the opportunity to hear Jeff Rossate, Executive Director of Business Development for the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED), speak about economic development. He said workforce and livability are now the top things businesses are looking at when considering sites. Strong downtowns are key! Cities that don’t reinvest in themselves through vibrant downtown areas, parks, amenities, etc. will lag behind the cities that are when it comes to attracting new businesses and industries.”


Andrea Boe

“There are little jewels of innovation and workforce development all over North Dakota including the North Valley Career and Technology Center, which I learned about at the recent Red River Regional Council Ideas to Actions Summit.”