North Dakota Open Meetings

While North Dakota law outlines the bare minimum required for giving notice to the public about a meeting, we encourage a little bit more proactive approach.

First, take the time to get the information out on the website, newspaper ads, and posters in gathering places early. Two weeks is a good time frame to start with. This helps people add it to their calendar and understand the topics you will discuss.

Secondly, send a short press release or call a member of the local newspaper or television station about the meeting and agenda. Let them know when and where the meeting is happening, but beyond that help them understand why the topics that will be discussed are important.

Finally, use the resources at your disposal regularly. If your town has a public access TV channel, ask them for a regular slide to show meeting information or results from the meeting. Post the information on Facebook or Instagram. Some towns have an electronic signage board. Adding public meeting information to the board is a great way to keep people informed.