Infrastructure may not be sexy, but…

AE2S, the engineering consulting and environmental services company I work for, recently unveiled its new advertising campaign. The marketing team came up with a series of great ads that really resonate with me. I’m hoping they resonate with everyone who sees them.  The campaign is based on two simple words – It Matters.  The phrase works perfectly with each of the services we provide to our clients, including AE2S Communications’ public information and engagement services.

It Matters” gets to the heart of why AE2S employees do what we do, and even more importantly, why our clients do what they do.  Whether it’s providing safe drinking water infrastructure, operating a utility or city efficiently, being good stewards of taxpayers’ money, or providing useful public information – IT MATTERS!

When I switched careers five years ago, I went from producing local TV newscasts to writing about infrastructure projects. It was somewhat of a culture shock!  I went from being a decision maker who selected what the reporters covered each day, to pitching story ideas about complex engineering projects to my former colleagues.

Unfortunately, infrastructure isn’t particularly “sexy” to most media outlets, unless there’s a controversial aspect to the project.  It often takes a little finesse to earn thoughtful news coverage about drinking water, flood control, sanitary sewer, or stormwater projects.  I’ve found that sometimes the media just need a little reminder that infrastructure projects affect public safety, taxpayers’ wallets, and the local economy – all three of these concerns are extremely newsworthy no matter where you live.

AE2S Communications’ clients know the value of helping the public to understand the important projects that are happening in their communities.  It’s challenging to attract positive attention to infrastructure projects, but worth it when a public information campaign helps people to understand why It Matters.  It feels even better when proactive communication causes the public to become overwhelmingly supportive of a project!

If It Matters to you and your community, AE2S Communications is here to help.