Here I am…Floc You Like a Hurricane

Flocculation and other weird and important words (that we sometimes turn into rock songs for our own amusement).

You’re probably scratching your head and asking why is this funny? But this is the type of humor that permeates a communications and marketing agency that happens to reside inside an engineering firm (insert Dilbert cartoon here). Most of what we do is quite serious, so having a sense of humor can definitely add levity to the situation.

So what exactly do we do? Well, to simplify it – a great majority of what we do is to take complex processes or infrastructure development issues and translate them to key stakeholders and the general public. That is what makes AE2S Communications different from your average PR and marketing agency. We don’t create campaigns about a new flavor of soda, an up-and-coming political candidate, or a new Thai restaurant. Although our team loves Thai cuisine, we love infrastructure more.

WTF, you say? Why yes, we do passionately communicate the need for a new or improved Water Treatment Facility (WTF). Yeah, we had a lot of fun when WTF went mainstream for other reasons. We made t-shirts. Enough said.

But seriously, why did we develop an entire team around the communication of infrastructure issues? Because, simply stated, it matters. We have a deep respect for the infrastructure that brings us clean, safe drinking water and takes away the waste we produce every day. Men and women work tirelessly around the clock to provide these services so that when you turn on your tap, something wonderfully safe and clean comes out. When you flush the toilet, “icky stuff” goes away. All of this matters and AE2S Communications can’t wait to tell you about it!
By the way, flocculation is an important process in the treatment of water. Actually, so is coagulation. Hmmm…..there is a song in there somewhere. Stop! Coagulate and listen!