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The Gift of Being an Entrepreneur (In a Safe Place)

With the holiday season here, I tend to reflect on things. Sometimes my mind wanders to the past, people not here, or things I would do differently. I also like to think about the gifts in my life, especially my family and friends, opportunities and successes over the past year, […]

Three Simple Ways to Get Started on a Content Marketing Plan

In today’s world, content is KING. In fact, I read an article recently that said content was more like THE KINGDOM. I really like that analogy. Think of all the ways that you receive content; how you receive it, when you receive it, where you receive it.


Taking To The Skies

This month AE2S Communications will be looking up more often. For the first time, we have a certified pilot on staff ready to shoot videos and photos with an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Our team has always been ready to produce high-quality engaging videos. We have creative storytellers who develop […]


Command P

There are so many things to love about digital information. My little environment-loving heart is so happy when I realize I can send a huge document to 10 reviewers without having to cut down a forest and blow through three ink toner cartridges. I love seeing and sharing photos and […]


Communicating through a Crisis

A backhoe inadvertently digs up unmarked graves, a saltwater pipeline leak is detected and could cause environmental contamination, a beloved and strategic team member dies unexpectedly.  These are all things that could happen.  In fact, they have happened.  Each situation presented their own unique kind of crisis to our clients […]


Making your data communicate

To anyone who is not a statistician, data can seem pretty boring until it’s put in a digestible and useful context. Engineers love data points and so do we. But AE2S Communications, we realize when we see data, it’s more than just numbers. It’s real people, not just probabilities. Data […]