Mark Zuckerberg Promises Meaningful Relationships

ICYMI – Mark Zuckerberg rolled out the new features of Facebook, Instagram, and other related apps today at F8. Although he started off with the obligatory focus on fake news and security, the greater emphasis was on creating meaningful relationships. Yes, their fight with fake news is important on many […]

New Facebook Algorithm, No Problem

We all spend an embarrassing amount of time on social media. In fact, on average one in five mobile minutes is spent on Facebook alone. Our “friends” at Facebook want us to spend less time on social media. Sounds silly, but what they really want is for our time to […]

Three Simple Ways to Get Started on a Content Marketing Plan

In today’s world, content is KING. In fact, I read an article recently that said content was more like THE KINGDOM. I really like that analogy. Think of all the ways that you receive content; how you receive it, when you receive it, where you receive it.