Congratulations to Chippewa Cree Construction Corp on their new website!

  We’d like to congratulate Chippewa Cree Construction Corp on the launch of their new website at! The new site, created by the team here at AE2S Communications, incorporates a new design as well as several new features. There is also Projects section which all CCCC to show off all […]


Command P

There are so many things to love about digital information. My little environment-loving heart is so happy when I realize I can send a huge document to 10 reviewers without having to cut down a forest and blow through three ink toner cartridges. I love seeing and sharing photos and […]


Making your data communicate

To anyone who is not a statistician, data can seem pretty boring until it’s put in a digestible and useful context. Engineers love data points and so do we. But AE2S Communications, we realize when we see data, it’s more than just numbers. It’s real people, not just probabilities. Data […]


Anatomy of Font – The PG-13 Version

Crotch. Spur. Lobe. Bowl. Aside from tittle (also known as the dot above some lowercase letters) the anatomy of typography isn’t particularly sexy or memorable. Most graphic designers, myself included, can’t recall what each anatomic term refers to. After all what are we, doctors? So how do we go about […]