Adding value for your employees and your clients

We’ve all been there. You are assigned a task and know it can be done, but have no idea how to do it. That is a reality of the workplace. This reality is actually an opportunity waiting to happen. It’s an opportunity for employers to make the workplace valuable, make […]

Disassembling a disaster zone

My computer desktop is a disaster. I’ll admit it. It looks like an explosion of every file type ever created. Screen shots and video files lurk in the corners. Folders where I meant to file things during a fit of organization clutter around the center of the screen, waiting to […]

Mapping your way through communications

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved maps. I loved maps of small places, like the plat book for my township. I also loved the globe my grandmother had in her spare bedroom. Maps meant there were new places to explore. Now, as a communicator, I love […]


6 Surefire Ways to Engage Millennial Readers

Editors note: AE2S had the pleasure of working with Morgan Hausauer as an intern for a handful of months. Morgan’s perspective on catching and engaging readers her age is helpful for any communicator working with information that needs to span age and location barriers.  6 Surefire Ways to Engage Millenial […]