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4 ideas communities can use to attract the next generation of workforce

The next generation of workforce do not approach jobs and careers in the same manner as the preceding generations, but that isn’t a bad thing. They are much more collaborative, look for challenges and want the opportunity to have an experience. The upper Midwest is ripe for this kind of […]

What You Need to Know About Google AdWords

As a marketer, I was curious about Google AdWords. And I am not alone. This is apparent when looking at Google’s search term trends. People are commonly searching terms like, “Google AdWords” and “How does Google AdWords work.” So, I set about my way to learn more about it and […]

Whiskey & Economic Development

What’s the common ingredient in whiskey and economic development? Water. Let me explain. I recently traveled to Tennessee with my husband.  He is a fan of whiskey, so we made the pilgrimage to Lynchburg, where Jack Daniel’s is made.  The small town is a 90 minute drive south of Nashville. I […]

It’s May! Let’s Celebrate Drinking Water, Infrastructure & Public Works!

May is the month that public works and water utilities receive some much deserved recognition for the services they provide.  Of course AE2S and AE2S Communications really get into celebrating Drinking Water Week, Infrastructure Week, and Public Works Week because they provide great opportunities to spotlight the important work cities […]

What crisis communicators can learn from emergency dispatchers

“911…What is your emergency?” The dispatcher calmly gathers information, encouraging the caller to use all their senses… seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and avoiding assumptions. They need to quickly comprehend the situation but not react to the caller’s perceptions. The dispatcher (communicator) will try to get the caller to paint the […]